Replacement of Missing Teeth

Dear Patients,

Here we are in August with 90° temperatures and the tribe in first place. Can it get any better?

Stedman’s medical dictionary defines “dental prosthesis” as an artificial replacement of one or more teeth. Patients often ask me how to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Fortunately, in modern dentistry there are a number of options. The least expensive and often undesirable method is with a removable device called a partial (if it replaces a few teeth) and a denture (if it replaces all the teeth in one arch). The average denture or partial lasts 7 years. The second method is a bridge. This involves using teeth on either side of the space, reducing them, and then interconnecting them to fill the void with a replacement porcelain tooth or teeth. The average bridge lasts approximately 15 years. The third option is placing an implant or implants. Basically, implants are titanium roots that are surgically placed into the jaw bone and restored with crowns, or use as anchors to secure a partial or denture. Implants have an incredibly high success rate (95%), and are lifetime prosthesis.

If you or someone you love has questions about replacing a missing tooth/teeth please call our office for a no charge consultation.


Michael W. Dagostino, DDS

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