Digital Radiology

Our office exclusively uses digital radiography for all of our dental x-rays. The benefits of digital radiography include:

  1. Up to 90% less radiation exposure
  2. Clearer, enhance able images
  3. Quicker, 8 seconds to see the image
  4. Environmentally friendly, no processing solutions
  5. Easy storage, 1000’s of images on 1 DVD, or CD
  6. Easy transmission, x-rays can be sent via e-mail
  7. Less expensive than traditional film
  8. User friendly software

Basically, digital radiographs are generated by placing a tethered sensor into the patients mouth.  Connected to a computer, the sensor reads the radiation and generates a readable image with a significantly less radiation dose. Extra-oral radiographs (panorex, cephalometric, and tomographs ) are also generated in a similar fashion, except the sensors are outside the mouth.

3 Dimensional CAT Scan (i-CAT)

On June 22, 2006 our office had a 3 dimensional CAT scan machine installed. This state of the art x-ray machine has the ability to provide concise detailed radiographs of the entire head.  For more information about the i-CAT equipment view our office web page.