Our Office

Our office is located in the Ridge Day Plaza, near Sav a Lot Store at the end of the plaza, and we are across the street from a Target. In designing the new office Dr. Dagostino made a commitment to make it as patient friendly as possible .

We would like to invite you to come tour our new facility, to see first hand the modern state-of-the-art operatories. We have convenient hours, with Monday and Wednesday evening appointments available and Saturday appointments as well.

Our new waiting room is large with comfortable chairs, the operatories are large with amenities such as T.V’s and VCR’s and Computer Digital Radiography. The CDR allows us to take x-rays with 1/10th the radiation of normal x-rays and to view them within 8 seconds on a computer monitor. The new full head x-ray machine (panorex) takes incredibly detailed radiographs with one-tenth (1/10th) the radiation of a traditional panorex machine. This state of the art machine allows us to visualize the x-ray as the machine is taking it. This machine also takes detailed radiographs of the jaw joint that previously required CAT scans or MRI’s. This allows us to serve you best with an immediate diagnosis with minimal radiation.

We also have a new laser cavity detection device, which allows us to find cavities when they are not even visible on x-rays. We have also acquired an air abrasion unit, which eliminates the need for drills in removing decay from certain teeth. Additionally we have a state of the art sterilization area and a separate lab room to prevent cross contamination. The bathrooms are large and squeaky clean. We have added a laundry room to wash and dry our garments and towels in house . We also have over 600 square feet of storage, which allows us to keep all pertinent patient records in house under my supervision.

We have also required an AED, which is an Automated External Defibrillator, which has been shown to be invaluable in saving lives. Because we do a lot of sedation dentistry, we also have (2) pulseoximeters which help us do our procedures with a high level of safety.

We are certain you will appreciate the 1st floor access with close up parking. As we have endeavored to make the new office as comfortable as possible for our patients, we are always open to suggestion to improve.

3 Dimensional CAT Scan (i-CAT)

We are proud to announce a new addition to our office equipment. In June, 2006 our office had a 3 dimensional CAT scan machine installed. This state of the art x-ray machine has the ability to provide concise detailed radiographs of the entire head. These digitally enhanced radiographs allow the clinician to take 3 dimensional slices of any part of the head. Because it is a computer enhanced digital image, the radiation dose for these CAT scan images is similar to traditional panoramic images (full head x-ray).

Our office is one of the first in the state of Ohio to offer this technology, allowing us to provide the most concise detail oriented care. These images are useful in the surgical placement of implants, the visualization of the TMJ, the visualization of abscesses or tumors, along with countless other orthodontic and orthognathic procedures.

As patients increasingly ask for more sophisticated and immediate procedures, our advanced in-office imaging systems provides very accurate information for expanding general dentistry, oral and orthognathic surgery, implantology, TMJ analysis, spinal studies, airway assessment, periodontal, orthodontic, impaction and many other dental procedures.

I encourage interested patients to visit the companies website at www.imagingsciences.com for more information on this exciting new technology. It is our commitment at our dental office to serve you best with ‘One Stop Dental Care’ in order that you can achieve and maintain a beautiful smile with straight healthy teeth, gums and jaw joints. As dentistry evolves, we remain on the cutting edge of technological advances for you … our patients.