Extraction of Teeth

Dear Patients,

The Indians are in first place and the fresh summer vegetables are being harvested from gardens. What a great time to live in Cleveland!

As dentists we are taught in Dental School to save teeth at all costs. This philosophy may have merit but is sometimes unrealistic. Patients are often confronted with huge costs to restore teeth, especially if they require root canal therapy and a crown. This can place undue financial burden on patients, causing unneeded stress and anxiety. Realistically, not all teeth can be saved and sometimes attempts at heroic dentistry can have poor long term success. So, there are times when teeth just need to be extracted (i.e. wisdom teeth, non restorable teeth, etc.)

It is these times when it is important to have a clinician who can quickly and painlessly remove the offending tooth / teeth. Our office has a tremendous amount of experience in exodontia (extraction therapy), and we offer that service along with sedation if necessary to calm the anxious patient. We can perform the simplest extraction (baby teeth), to the most complex (full bony impacted wisdom teeth), and can quickly schedule emergency patients to remove painful, abscessed teeth.

Should you or someone you love require a tooth extraction please contact our office for a complimentary consultation.


Michael W. Dagostino, DDS

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