Temporomandibular Joint – TMJ

Dear Patients,

The warm January tricked us into thinking winter was almost over. But, the sub zero weather we have been enduring shocks us back into reality. Hopefully the groundhog’s predictions will come true and spring will be right around the corner.

When I entered Dental School back in 1980, few clinicians knew how to pronounce temporomandibular joint, let alone knew the actual function of the joint or how to treat its diseased state. Many things have changed in our life since 1980, and the expansion of knowledge about the TMJ has kept pace.

Today I can confidently and successfully treat the vast majority of TMJ problem patients I encounter. My philosophy is based on sound scientific principals coupled with over 26 years of anecdotal experience. Many doctors agree that the position of your upper and lower jaw greatly affect the proper function of the TMJ. If either jaw or both are malpositioned the joint will be incapable of operating without pain and unfortunately this joint cannot self repair and the patient’s symptoms always worsen.

Treatment of the disorder can be simplistic or it can be extensive depending on the etiologic factor (what causes it). My approach is totally non-surgical and often involves orthopedics and orthodontics. This allows the proper positioning of the upper and lower jaws so they may function in harmony.

Should you or someone you love have a TMJ problem please contact our office for a no-charge consultation appointment.


Michael W. Dagostino, DDS

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