Temporary Anchorage Devices

Dear Patients,

Yipee! Spring has finally arrived and school has ended. Congratulations to all the graduates and parents for their hard work and perseverance. My hope is for their continued success in their chosen endeavors! As always, my credo is “knowledge is power”!

Having placed traditional titanium implants for over 20 years, I have personally witnessed the evolution of designs, surgical techniques, and product utilization. Many years ago forward thinking clinicians poke of utilizing dental implants in the orthodontic/orthopedic realm. Previously, these were the traditional osseousintegrated implants that had limited use due to their size. Recently, modifications to the implant system allow clinicians to easily, quickly, and relatively painlessly place mini implants or temporary anchorage devices. TADS, as they are now known in the dental industry, can be used to rapidly move teeth, close spaces, intrude, or extrude teeth in areas previously thought impossible. I recently placed two of these TADS on myself and have found these little devices to be a great adjunct to our current orthodontic armamentarium.

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Michael W. Dagostino, DDS

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