Importance of Correcting Overbites

Dear Patients,

Summer has finally arrived! Accompanying the high temperatures has been low batting averages as our beloved Indians fall into last place.

I have been asked about the importance of correcting overbites. The old thinking was that orthodontics/orthopedics was purely a cosmetic fix is erroneous. The fact is that most patients with an overbite have a lower jaw that sits too far back in the joint cavity. This back or posterior position of the condyle often results in the joint capsule being pushed off the head of the jaw bone. This anterior displacement results in clicking and popping on opening and closing. Although joint clicking is not life threatening it can certainly negatively impact the proper function of the jaw. Additionally, this retrusive position can result in facial pain, muscle spasms, headaches, ear ringing, joint pain, and a litany of other maladies. The non surgical treatment of an overbite is performed routinely at our office utilizing acrylic intra-oral appliances that reposition the lower jaw to its ideal position stimulating bone changes and muscular repositioning. This highly effective treatment can be performed on patients from as young as 6 and to as old as 100.

Should you or someone you love have an overbite that you would like corrected please contact our office for a no charge consultation.


Michael W. Dagostino, DDS

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