Periodontal disease and Alzheimer’s

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life” Winston Churchill.

New research out of the University of Central Lancashire links people with poor oral hygiene or gum disease with a greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Recent research examined brain tissue donated by 10 patients without dementia and 10 patients with dementia. They found the gum disease bacteria lipopolysaccharides(surface of the bacterium) in the sample of 4 of the people with dementia and in none of the people who did not have dementia. Bacteria can enter the bloodstream through everyday activities such as eating, chewing and tooth brushing. Once in the bloodstream, the bacteria can be carried to other parts of the body.

The research hypothesized that when the bacteria reach the brain, they trigger an immune response killing brain cells. This immune response could be one of the mechanisms that lead to the changes in the brain, typically seen in Alzheimer’s disease.

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Michael W. Dagostino DDS

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