“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore” ~ Andre Gide

A recent news article questioned the scientific validity of the daily use of dental floss. The article claimed that there is weak scientific evidence to bolster the validity of interdental cleaning.

Having practiced dentistry for 33 years, I can personally attest that some form of daily interdental cleaning is essential for the maintenance of periodontal health. I would caution all the patients who read or heard about this article and discontinued flossing to not believe everything you hear or read. The fact is that nearly 50% of the adult population have periodontal disease and the most effective method of eliminating the causative bacteria is to perform some form of interdental cleaning, (i.e. flossing, interdental brushes, stimudents, etc.)
Periodontal disease are caused by bacteria and are easily eliminated by flossing , so it stands to reason that interdental cleaning will lead to eradication of the bacteria filled plaque that causes periodontal disease.
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Dr. Dagostino

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