“Change is inevitable, Progress is optional” ~ Tony Robbins

Recently, I was tasked to fill 2 prescriptions for a family member. I went to our normal pharmacy and was told the one prescription was $50 and the other was $40. I remembered that a company called Good Rx had left some brochures at my office. I went on their website and found I could purchase those drugs for $9 for the one prescription and $16.69 for the other at a close by CVS pharmacy. Since Obamacare changed our coverage and we no longer have any prescription discount or coverage, Good Rx is an excellent way to save big money on your prescription costs. Although, most of the prescriptions we write at our office are not super expensive, any cost savings adds up.
Should you or someone you love have questions about Good Rx or prescription costs, please contact our office.

Dr. Dagostino

P.S. Angie has come up with unique use of our Christmas tree. She is decorating our reception area tree with an appropriate theme for the next upcoming holiday. Stop in and gaze at her latest creation.

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