July 2019

Dear Patients,

“One always measures friendship by how they show up in bad weather” Winston Churchill

Few things can have a negative impact on your systemic health than high blood pressure. High blood pressure is referred to as hypertension, where the force of the blood flowing through your vessels is consistently too high.
In a healthy patient the top number (systolic) should be 120 or less and the lower number (diastolic) should be 80 or less. In hypertensive patients their systolic will be greater than 130 and their diastolic will be 80 or greater.

The multitude of health threats from high blood pressure increase are stroke, heart failure, heart attacks, vision loss as well as many other systemic complications. Our office is very concerned about your blood pressure and routinely take base line measurements at hygiene appointments as well as prior to any surgical appointments. Be aware and pro-active in monitoring a healthy blood pressure!

Should you or someone you love have concerns about their blood pressure please contact our office.


Michael W. Dagostino DDS

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