February 2020

“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him” David Brinkley.

I recently attended a continuing education course in Key West, Florida. Dr. Daniel Becker spoke on medical evaluations. His presentation was amazing and highlighted the continuing changes in medicine and pharmacology. He beautifully addressed many of the contentious issues facing dental clinicians today. One of his topics was related to the use of a local anesthetic (septocaine) by many clinicians which has shown to be neurotoxic.
The other key note speaker was a professor from Vienna, Australia, Dr. Rolf Ewers. Dr. Ewer’s presentation was on his use of the Bicon dental implant and his affection for the dental implant system. His insightful presentation highlighted the unique design of the Bicon dental implant and its amazing versatility. His presentation prompted many of my colleagues to change their perspective on dental implants and the surgical approach utilized by the other implant systems.
Should you or someone you love have any questions about medical evaluations or Bicon dental implants, contact our office.

Michael W. Dagostino DDS

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