“Friends, family and food….. My three favorite things to celebrate during the holidays”~ Dr. Dagostino

As many of you are aware E-cigarettes are marketed as a safer alternative to traditional tobacco products. This is despite the fact that they are still loaded with nicotine, which inhibits normal healing and leads to many complications during and after surgery. Nicotine negatively affects the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to our organs and tissues. This can lead to an increased risk for infection. The dental community has been a leading advocate in smoking cessation because of its known risk for periodontal disease, which inevitably leads to bone and tooth loss.

Keep in mind that although E-cigarettes may be slightly healthier than traditional cigarettes, the inherent risk of tobacco use remains, and patients should strive to achieve a tobacco free lifestyle.

If you or someone you love has questions regarding E-cigarettes please call our office.
Wishing all of you and your families a blessed holiday season & and Happy and Healthy New Year

Happy Holidays,
Dr. Dagostino

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