Safety of Amalgam Fillings

Dear Patients,

Well, we do live in Cleveland and should be used to sub-freezing temperatures but, ouch! -10 degrees with the wind chill is cold! Here’s to a short winter and a rapid entry into spring.

I often speak with my friends about our legacy and what we will leave our future generations. I have always said that our children and the values we bestow upon them will have the greatest impact on our future generations. But we as a consumer nation do have a substantial impact on our existing environment. Our lifestyles pump pollution into the air and toxic wastes into the water systems. We as a nation must appreciate the impact on the environment we have and its long term effects for our offspring.

That said, I made a conscious decision to stop placing amalgam (silver) fillings because of the long term effect that mercury has on our environment. Over the past decade many clinicians have debated the possible cellular toxicity that mercury type fillings may have. Valid scientific research has been put forth by both opponents and proponents of these type fillings. Time will show which side is correct.

To add credence to my decision, the country of Norway announced a ban on mercury type fillings effective January 1, 2008. They stated that they felt the responsibility to the EU and other countries that there are satisfactory alternatives to mercury.

Should you or someone you love have questions regarding the safety of amalgam fillings please contact our office for a no charge consultation.


Michael W. Dagostino, DDS

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