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I am pleased to announce that we had moved our office location to 6887 Ridge Rd. after more than 15 years at the previous location, we have successfully made the transition to our new location. The new location is bigger and better. The office is located in the Ridge Day Plaza, next to the First Merit Bank, approximately 1/4 mile south of our original location. Our phone and fax numbers will remain the same, and our hours of operation will not change.

In designing the new office I made a commitment to make it as patient friendly as possible . Our new waiting room is larger with new comfortable chairs . The operatories are larger with new amenities such as TV’s w/ VCR’s. We presently have 3 operatories with computer digital radiography. The CDR allows us to take x-rays with 1/10th the radiation of normal x-rays and to view them within 8 seconds on a computer monitor. We also have a new laser cavity detection device, which allows us to find cavities when they are not even visible on x-rays. We have also acquired an air abrasion unit, which eliminates the need for drills in removing decay from certain teeth. Additionally we have a state of the art sterilization area and a separate lab room to prevent cross contamination. The bathrooms are large and squeaky clean. We have added a laundry room to wash and dry our garments and towels in house . We also have over 600 sq. ft. of storage , which allows us to keep all pertinent patient records in house under my supervision.

The move was exhausting, but well worth the trouble. I’m certain you will appreciate the 1st floor access with close up parking. I’ve endeavored to make the new office as comfortable as possible, and I’m always open to suggestion to improve.

In closing, I would like to express my profound appreciation to all those who helped with the new office and the move. Special thanks to my wife, Becky, to my son, Michael , to Rick Salerno of S & K remodeling, to Jason Lytle , to Bob Jordan , to my brother, Matt Dagostino, to Fred Fanter and to my staff for all their efforts in the move . True friends are hard to find , and I am blessed with the best. Please come and visit us at our new office.


Michael W. Dagostino D.D.S

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