Facial Aesthetics

Dear Patients,

Spring has arrived and with it the hope of fine weather and an entertaining presidential election campaign.

At the 2008 annual IAO convention I was amazed at the “current” craze in the orthodontic community regarding facial aesthetics. I have been involved with orthodontics/orthopedics for over 23 years and have found that individuals who are blessed with attractive features are treated differently in our society. Let’s face it; attractive people do better in school where they receive more help, better grades, and less punishment. At work they are rewarded with higher pay, more prestigious jobs, and faster promotions. In finding mates they tend to be in control of relationships and make more of the decisions. Among strangers they are assumed to be interesting, honest, virtuous, and successful. Many would consider this treatment objectionable and unfair. The irony is that the beautiful people have little power how society acts and behaves towards them. The cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic care we provide at my office is dedicated towards enhancing my patients’ facial aesthetics giving them that “extra edge” in their life.

By providing cosmetic and orthodontic services that are geared towards making beautiful faces, our office is giving our patients that extra edge.

Should you or someone you love desire cosmetic or orthodontic enhancement please call our office for a no charge consultation.


Michael W. Dagostino, DDS

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