Diagnosis of Malocclusion using the T-Scan

Dear Patients,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! I hope that everyone has a super holiday season filled with love, family, and good times.

I have been fortunate to practice dentistry for over 22 years, during which time our profession has witnessed some of the most incredible technologic advances in the history of mankind. A few weeks ago I attended a seminar in Toronto, Canada, where I was exposed to the newest advances in the diagnosis of malocclusion (the T-Scan). Occlusion is basically the way a person’s teeth fit together and malocclusion or “bad bite” can cause a plethora of dental and/or systemic problems. Fractured teeth, periodontal disease, TMJ dysfunction, headaches, ear problems, and muscle spasms have all been attributed to malocclusion.

Before the T-Scan most dentists diagnosed malocclusion utilizing a very imprecise technique which involved a piece of carbon paper. Multiple research studies have demonstrated this technique to be completely flawed and prone to erroneous results. The T-Scan diagnostic technique involves the utilization of space age mylar which is connected to a computer.

The computer reads the intensity of the force each individual tooth generates and allows the clinician to adjust the “bite” so all the teeth will hit or occlude evenly. Our office is currently charging $275.00 for a T-Scan evaluation and treatment.

Should you or someone you love feel they have a “bad bite” please contact our office for a T-Scan evaluation.

Happy Holidays,

Michael W. Dagostino, DDS

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