Artificial Sweeteners – Potential Health Dangers

Dear Patients,

As we await the inevitable change of seasons, the vibrant colors of our autumn leaves tantalize the optic senses. Although our Cleveland winters can be harsh, the change of seasons is exhilarating.

I have always felt that a patient’s general health can be closely tied to their oral health and vice versa. Nutrition is a huge component of a person’s physical well-being. Recently there has been a number of scientific research papers which are clearly showing the potential health dangers from artificial sweeteners. Aspartame is a dangerous chemical which has many documented cases of toxicity in humans including neurotoxicity and infertility. The new popular sweetener “Splenda” has also been shown to cause negative effects on livers, kidneys, and spleens of laboratory animals. Recent research has shown that patients who ingest these sweeteners can have an increase in their appetites causing weight gain. With the huge increase in diabetes in the U.S., one can draw inferences.

Should you or someone you love want more information on artificial sweeteners, please contact my email or google Aspartame and Splenda.


Michael W. Dagostino, DDS

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