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I-Cat Technology - Dr. Michael Dagostino, D.D.S.

I-CAT Technology

Newsletter for March 2008

Dear Patients,

Now that we have dug out from the incredible snow storm which shut our city down we must say our prayers that spring is on its way!

Almost two years have passed since I purchased the CAT scan machine. A miracle of modern technology, this machine allows me to visualize important anatomic structures in three dimensions. Recent improvements in the I-CAT software are allowing clinicians to utilize this machine for procedures which were previously unimaginable. At an educational seminar recently, an orthodontic company announced they had received FDA approval for the manufacture of an individualized orthodontic system completely based on an I-CAT scan. It totally custom fits braces and arch wires without a single impression. Additionally, dental labs are currently attempting to get approval for crowns and bridges which are made from the I-CAT scan which would also eliminate the need for impressions.

As technology in our world improves one can either watch it go by or embrace it. At our office, we not only embrace it but revel in it! Technologic advances in the past decade have allowed me to provide a higher quality of care to my patients;

  1. By providing almost instantaneous x-ray images, this allow me to quickly and accurately diagnose pathologies (disease states).
  2. By allowing me to accurately measure and locate important anatomical structures, which greatly reduces the potential of surgical mishaps.
  3. By keeping our office environmentally friendly. Digital x-ray systems enable me to produce concise radiographs without pumping toxic effluents into our water systems. Doing our part for the ecosystems and future generations!

Hoping we see spring soon,

Michael W. Dagostino, DDS

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Our sophisticated dental office offers digital radiography, sterilization, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and many other up-to-date features to offer you comfort and convenience while we provide superior service and quality dental services




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